Review: DEADCASE “For the Violent”

Review: DEADCASE “For the Violent”

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DEADCASE “For the Violent”

One-man projects aren’t only Black Metal’s domain. The fact is that just in this sub-genre of Metal we have the most often with such acts to do, but here’s proof that ‘the most often’ doesn’t mean ‘always’. DEADCASE was born in a head of Tito Bettencourt. I don’t know when idea was born, but he gave a life to it just this year. It seems that Tito started to work on music immediately because on the 21st May just reviewed stuff was launched online.

Tito lives in London, but he came from the largest municipality and administrative capital of the Autonomous Region of the Azores in Portugal – Ponta Delgada. This is quite old, but not so huge, even if the most populous on Azores, city. Anyways, his first full-length ever (at least under the name DEADCASE) contains eight very personal songs. In my opinion this is Death Metal what we have to do here with. I can hear influences of some other kinds of Metal. These are rather subtle touches, by the way.  Riffs are mostly broken, sometimes twisted, but not so complicated from technical point of view, I guess. They also change from time to time, of course. Drums and bass are also various and it happens something interesting on these fields. Somebody could say that Tito doesn’t play anything original and this isn’t sophisticated at all. That’s truth, but there’s something in what he creates. I mean, there’re things to improve in his creativity, but hey, this is just debut, so let’s be a little forgiving for him. Especially that ideas and music imagination are on good level.

His growling is in old-school Dutch style what I like very much. Frankly, I think this is what he does the best and hope so he’ll find some musicians and turn DEACASE into regular band soon. He plays all instruments not so bad, but I was, and always will be skeptic when it’s about such projects in Metal. Metal is music which sounds the best on gigs in my opinion.

Getting this stuff is good idea for fans of middle tempo Death Metal. Well, it’ll probably not be one of your top 10 favorite stuffs, it’ll not be one of immortal Metal’s masterpieces, but it’s good enough to listen to it from time to time.

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