Review: Dehydrated “Resurrection”

Review: Dehydrated “Resurrection”

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Dehydrated “Resurrection”
Immortal Souls productions

Since some time I’m lucky to get stuffs of really legendary bands, even if they’re “only” legends of underground scenes in their countries. Here we have such representative of Slovak one. Frankly speaking I’m double happy because of that. Reasons were several as far as I know, but you’ll get to know about them some later. By the way, we had to wait long ten years for new full-length. But I tell you what: it was worthy of that! Well, I know I should write this sentence on the end of this review, but honestly I don’t care about, and I actually never did for such things. Especially that, as I suppose, most of you have no idea what this band play. But there’re surely some individuals who remember and probably are just ordering this CD.

Anyhow, released by also legendary Slovak label IMMORTAL SOULS PRODUCTIONS (which’s sub-label of SLOVAK METAL ARMY owned by the same man) album contains six songs, including the cover of MASSACRE, pure Death Metal. This is brutal, fast, but technical in the same time playing. You can also find some influences of other genres of Metal and even Grindcore in my opinion. Riffs are broken as well, energetic, mainly fast and of course variable. Braňo and Pepe don’t play om some complexity, displays and so on. They just run forward, which doesn’t mean that you’ll don’t find here excellent technique, of course. The same I can say about Elevo (drums) and Jan (bass). There’re a lot of blasts and in general the drumming goes in a fast tempo. But if you listen to it carefully, you’ll find many signs of good technical abilities. It takes Jan too, of course – even if it’s not so easy to hear his playing. Everything is complected with Dragons vocal. This is also just like it should be in case of such music. He growls brutally, first of all.

Well, this is much better to listen to this stuff. And I can guarantee you that it’ll never be enough of it! Group of these very experienced musicians (all began their adventure with playing Death Metal in deep 90’s) created really good album. Actually I can’t see any drawbacks here. Maybe except the fact that it takes too little time – only an half hour more or less.

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