Review: Druadan Forest / Old Sorcery [Werewolf]

Review: Druadan Forest / Old Sorcery [Werewolf]

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The Finnish Werewolf Records, well-known for their black metal collaborations, this February has released the Split of two local bands – Druadan Forest and Old Sorcery, where every band has presented two long non-metal opuses.

Druadan Forest and Old Sorcery both have decent reputations on the underground black metal and ambient scene, as well as solid discographies. These bands are serious about their black metal, they separate their metal creations from ambient and dungeon synths compositions, though the real excellence of their music is managed by coherent combination of atmospheric black metal and dark ambient. This Split consists of only dark ambient and dungeon synth tracks, but still, it is very familiar to black metal scene with all the epic darkness and atmospheric aura. The bands play similar music, but there are very audible differences as well, Druadan Forest prefers long and moody ceremonial ambient, and Old Sorcery favors the synthetic sound and medieval elements.

The first part belongs to Druadan Forest, the song “Forever Wandering Towards the Shadowgate” starts with sad synthetic ambient and then transforms into pretentious and atmospheric long passages with distorted growling whispers. Piano parts beautifully adorn the general composition and bring some medieval influence. The song is a bit nervous with funeral atmosphere, but still, it is not too dark or depressive, on the opposite, even this cemeterial aura lightens the burden. But “Pale Sorcery of the Endless Moon” offers some nature soundscapes and low and monotonous ambient, also not too melancholic and gloomy with minimalistic approach. The sound of pipes brightens up the anxious mood, even creating optimistic vibes with more sumptuous sound.

Old Sorcery plays far more creepier and darker kind of ambient, it is more synthetic and deep, so “Statuesque Souls locked in a Glowing Emerald” impresses with eerie and medieval sounds with good percussion and clear harpsichord. The song’s mood is soaked in grim and mysterious emotions, and a much more heavier perception. “Of Dragon’s Blood” isn’t so dismal, the piano makes it more pensive, but the noisier sound hints on their fondness for black metal. This composition is true to its name, the fantasy themes are recognized through the epic pomposity. And although Old Sorcery plays some kind of ritualistic and minimalistic music, the occasional mood changes diversify their music.

This Split between two Finnish bands is compiled very properly, the atmospheric and solemn ambiance of Druadan Forest is compensated by medieval and horrific darkness of Old Sorcery, so the long and monotonous tracks can’t bore the listener off. The serene and contemplative ambiance truly adjusts the listener to the deep submersion of dark fantasies.

Release date: February 26, 2021

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