Review: Edenbridge “Dynamind” [Steamhammer/SPV]

Review: Edenbridge “Dynamind” [Steamhammer/SPV]

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Since their forming in 1998, Edenbridge gained attention, especially at a time when Symphonic Metal with female became popular. Lots of concerts and frequent albums’ releases gave the band quite big fan base. Austrians previous album The Great Momentum was released in 2017, so it’s time for the new release, named Dynamind.

Numerous line-up changes didn’t affect the bands’ popularity. The basis still constant, though: vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher and mastermind, multi-instrumentalist Lanvall.  Right now there are also Dominik Sebastian (guitars), Johannes Jungreithmeier (drums) and Stefan Gimpl (bass), who also play in Edenbridge.

Dynamind made by the same pattern as his predecessor. Overall it’s diverse, but this diversity is the same as it was on a previous album: a couple of fast paced songs, few middle-tempos, a simple ballad and a long, complex and epic piece. Well, let’s start from it.

12-minutes long opus “The Last Of His Kind” is the longest and most distinctive song in an album. Lots of motives changes and big number of instruments take this composition somewhere to Progressive zone. Actually, Lanvall said that he was inspired by David Gilmour while he wrote this song.

“On The Other Side” with some Irish melodies also stands out on this album. “I had the idea as far back as Aphelion, – tells Lanvall, – but at that time there were still some important parts missing. This time the verse and chorus suddenly came to me out of nowhere when I returned from a walk. Suddenly, in one moment, it was all there, making “On The Other Side” the song in Edenbridge’s history that took the least time to compose.” Melodic chorus with folk instruments will hardly leave somebody indifferent.

Also there are two ballads on an album: “Taurengold” and short ending “Dynamind”. These songs are quite simple technically, there weren’t many instruments used for them, but it doesn’t make these songs worse, on the contrary!

But for the most part, Dynamind is a Symphonic Metal, of course, with heavy riffs, melodic choruses and orchestral samples. And Sabine Edelsbacher’s voice, certainly. Sabine easily transmits a lot of emotions and vibes with it, making a real magic sometimes.

To sum up, Edenbridge didn’t disappointed this time and gave exactly what was expected from the band. So if you like Symphonic Metal, especially with beautiful female voice, you shouldn’t miss this album.

Dynamind will be released on October, 25 via Steamhammer/SPV.


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