Review: Endernity “Disrupted Innocence” [On Fire Records]

Review: Endernity “Disrupted Innocence” [On Fire Records]

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There is a belief in my country that it’s better not to start a new year with the debts from the previous one, so it’s time to pay back. We got the promo of Disrupted Innocence from the band Endernity somewhere in summer but got around to it only now. Well, better late than never.

Endernity was formed in Madrid, in 2019. Manuel Hernández (vocals, guitar), Israel Santas (bass), Rodrigo Arias (guitar) and Eric Domínguez (drums) are experienced musicians and before Endernity they played in various bands, while Rodrigo also plays in Skunk D.F. In 2020 the band released three singles and videos and in the beginning of 2021 their debut album Disrupted Innocence was finally out.

It’s pretty hard to define the genre of the band’s music: it has some elements of Heavy Metal, Groove, Modern Metal and even some Thrash rarely and you can easily name the bands that inspired musicians. Such mix of genres sounds pretty good, without some sharp breakings or something like that (I must emphasize the band’s composing talent) but at the same time such mixing doesn’t play into the band’s hand at all – I’ll talk about it a little bit later.

So, the album opens with mid-paced “Ashes And Dust”, which sounds like American Heavy Metal with some Groove touches. Manuel’s raspy vocals, melodic chorus and good guitar solos are working well and the song is quite memorable. The next one “You Won’t Bring Me Down” continues this “Groove Metal + melody” line and the is some pretentiousness can be heard in chorus as well (which gets lost pretty quick amid the music).

On the contrary, “Infinite Hell” starts in a fast way, almost Thrashy while the bridge and chorus reduce the pace and the music becomes some Modern Metal (in favor of melody). “The Dream Is Over”, in its turn, also starts as Thrash: tough riffs and vocals with fast drumming. Melodic chorus moves the aggression to the background for a while but unlike “Infinite Hell”, it gets back here fully and it can be heard here to the end of the song.

“Genocide” starts gloomy and heavy, with recurrent arpeggio from intro, some chanting and suddenly female vocals – overall it sounds like a dark American Heavy with great guitar solos.

Self-titled “Endernity”, for my sorrow, is a quite generic song: some familiar melodies, riffs and hooks. Even lyrics here are full of keywords, which can be heard in lots of metal songs’. The ballad “Dream That I Can Fly” only make the situation words, representing a quite mainstream Radio Rock, close to, let’s say, Nickelback. And if in “Endernity” we have at least one interesting bridge and nice guitar solo, there is nothing of it in “Dream That I Can Fly”.

Disrupted Innocence ends with mid-paced typical American Heavy songs “Stranger” and “Victim Of Society” with some Thrash elements in the first one and Groove in the second. It sounds quite heavy, aggressive sometimes but not outstand amid other song. These tracks just lead the album to the point where it started.

Like I said, the main lack of this album is obvious recognisability and too generic music from time to time: you can hear clearly where the band was inspired by, let’s say, Metallica, in the other song it will be Godsmack etc. The list of the bands is pretty big but it doesn’t make the music more original. However, I understand that this is a debut release and seems like musicians placed emphasis on memorability and recognition but not the originality of material. And it worked, to be honest, some songs stuck in my head for days but at the same time I had some bitter aftertaste. Probably, it’s only me because according to lots of reviews, many people like what Endernity do. And that’s good.

Disrupted Innocence was released on February, 5th via On Fire Records.

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