Review: Entrails “World Inferno”

Review: Entrails “World Inferno”

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Entrails “World Inferno”
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Swedish death metal from Entrails. Those five words give you a massive clue about the rest of the review.  This is their fifth full length album, so as you might expect, they’ve got the whole Swedish death thing nailed.  I’ve had a great deal of fun researching this band on line (most of it being off task) as one of the first lines that popped up in my search was “not to be confused with Entrails from Avesta”. I mean, you wouldn’t want to get your entrails confused, would you? The other strange issue that I had was that when I played the review download it had the album cover for a completely random band instead, so it confused shit out of me!

OK, so confusion over. Well, not quite. The first track opens with some pretty guitar sounds so it always has me thinking that maybe I got it wrong, and this is really going to be melodic death. How stupid can I be?  Suddenly, the screaming starts, and then it’s full on death all the way. Brutal, fast-paced hell is unleashed.  Every now and then the pace slackens slightly, but that’s just so that they can come back harder and faster.

My favourite track is “Suffer”, mostly because it repeats the title several times, along with a description of the ways that you could be made to suffer. It has that repetitive quality that is actually quite easy to get into (OK, I was bouncing along to it quite happily). It’s also quite catchy (in a Swedish death kind of way).

Most of the tracks have a massive feel to them, underpinned by a structure of unremitting drums, overlaid with clever guitar patterns and of course the obligatory vocals which sound as though they are being torn from the throat of a massive beast dying a slow agonising death.  The guys have also taken the concept of death metal literally, with liberal references to graves, caskets and slaughter scattered throughout the track titles.

I wouldn’t describe this as easy listening, but I have to say I found it really enjoyable!

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