Review: ESOTERIC “Metamorphogenesis” [Aesthetic Death]

Review: ESOTERIC “Metamorphogenesis” [Aesthetic Death]

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I’m not gonna lie. I love this goddamn album. I’ve loved this album for over a decade now. So I’ll apologize now for the gushing that is about to take place instead of a strongly thought out critical analysis.

This is the album that brought me to the more extreme reaches of the doom metal genre. I’d been familiar with the classics and the stoner stuff for a while, but this is the album that brought me to the funeral doom party. I think it’s the perfect album for that. I would say that it’s the most exciting album of it’s kind, hands down. As you continue down the extreme doom path you find bands like Mournful Congregation and Ahab, and they’re amazing, but Metamorphogenesis is the bridge album that a new listener could really benefit from hearing.

There’s just so much going on. It’s slow and trudging, but never static. Funeral Doom requires the listener to get into a certain state of mind. This album is always good. One of if not the only Funeral Doom albums that you can just throw on. It just has a way about it. A sense of importance.

With shredding lead guitars and distinctly jazzy drum work, it has a little bit of everything. Its atmospheric and its heavy. Its dirge like but never falls into a slogging rhythm. Esoteric can take you out to space musically but remain focused the entire time. The first time I heard this was like feeling my third eye open. The first metal album that gave me a truly transcendent experience.

Honestly, this is one of the albums that saved metal for me. I was at a point where I thought I’d heard it all. Everything seemed to fit neatly into place, nothing excited me. Like a junkie, I was constantly searching for something more in the sound. But I was looking in the wrong direction. I was looking for something faster and more technical. But then, somehow (I honestly couldn’t say how it happened), I stumbled upon this gem. It was a thing of beauty and it remains so to this day.

The new mix of the album for its rerelease is absolutely superb. The layers stand out in strong contrast of each other. Every note rings out with astounding clarity. The bass has been brought to a much more respectable place in the mix, which may have been my only complaint regarding the original release. This thing is just amazing all around.

There’s really not too much more that I can put into words. If you’re a fan of funeral doom then there is a good chance you’re already familiar with this album, and I implore you to check out the amazing new mix. If you are new to or completely unfamiliar with the genre, then this is a great place to jump on. Give this one a listen, wherever you stand. You will not regret it.

Release date: August 10th, 2020

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