Review: Evil Warriors “Fall From Reality”

Review: Evil Warriors “Fall From Reality”

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Evil Warriors “Fall From Reality” (War Anthem Records)

This is the 2nd album from German Black Metal band Evil Warriors, who boast amongst their ranks, the rhythm section of Antlers. And if you want to know what sort of Black Metal Evil Warriors create, well, the clue is in the name of the record label.

And this isn’t an all-out blastfest. The title track builds nicely and is actually pretty melodic. That is until all hell is unleashed… and yes, the song does feel like a war anthem. Although I’m not sure if it’s a giant army at the top of a hill, charging down on horseback. Or a fuck-ton of cannons, bombarding the village below. Either way, it’s a killer sound.

The band themselves describe their music as “Aggressive Blood Metal”… and I’d go along with that too. As a lot of blood is spilt during war, and shit, if nothing else, the music is aggressive.

So no wheels are getting re-invented here. It’s full of blastbeats, driving rhythms, majestic guitars and a ton of attitude, even the odd deathgrunt and some guitar work Slayer would be jealous of. The only difference between this and your average Black Metal band, is the quality of what’s on offer.

Be it the dissonant intro of “Reincarnation” or complete and utter devastation caused by “Mania and Passion”, Evil Warriors have just about nailed every aspect of their sound… and in an era where we are swamped with way too many bands, you can’t really ask for more.

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