Review: Evilspell “Padre Vostro” [Blasphemous Records]

Review: Evilspell “Padre Vostro” [Blasphemous Records]

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After eight years of silence mad Italian thrashers Evilspell have returned with their third full-length album Padre Vostro, making it even more Satanic and violent. It was released in late October of 2021 by Blasphemous Records, presenting the raw aggression and crazy speed like as if we’re still looming in noisy 1980s.

Padre Vostro is about primitivism and roughness, there’s absolutely nothing romantic, melodic or distantly nice in the music of Evilspell, only darkness, only brutality, only Satanic hymns. And it seems like it’s their way of life – to normalize this furious folly of destructive victories. Thrash metal without any traces of progressivity is kind of a genre that lacks sophisticated mood or airy lightness, but it is full of primitive frenzy and iron confidence. Very dirty, raw, uncompromising, and with crushingly energetic heart, yes, this is definitely about Padre Vostro. Nothing special, nothing new, nothing original, but so dynamic and vibrant, that you can really forget about seeking uniqueness, this vigorous temper will strike you like a lightning, without any need for refined and pensive explorations.

The only exception in this rapid burst of fury is the instrumental track “Necrology”, long funeral composition with creepy and sad atmosphere. And maybe with great reserve the composition “Antisocial Satan” is also slightly untypical, with slow and mournful passage more suitable to DSBM. Maybe the last song “Evil Slaughter” also can provide with something unusual, like disharmonic lines or acoustic elements, but other songs can be penned easily into classical terms of thrash metal. In this case – blackened thrash metal, especially concerning lyrics and ceremonial aura. The rhythm also varies, from common thunderous speed/thrash it occasionally slows up to something static and lifeless. But mostly the aggression is enthusiastically infectious; you just blend in between these primordial riffs, emotional screams and classical thrash metal clichés.

Evilspell is an action band; their music is created from the whirlwind of driving force and satanic glory. And if we can add to this hellish mix free spirit of total and destructive anarchy, so vividly illustrated on their crude artwork, we’ve got Padre Vostro, no more, and no less than that.

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