Review: Expulsion “Nightmare Future”

Review: Expulsion “Nightmare Future”

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Expulsion “Nightmare Future”
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With a line up such as the one that Expulsion sports you would assume that what you would hear is nothing but pure grinding and death fueled madness, and if that is what you assumed, then you are completely correct. Matt Harvey, Matt Olivo, Danny Walker and Menno Verbaten make up Expulsion and these four gore fiends are set to release their new album “Nightmare Future” in the near future. Within “Nightmare Future” you are gifted with seven old-school grind inspired tracks that tear at your flesh and snap your neck right from the very first note. “Nightmare Future” is a bombastic, rotted, fetid and disgusting record that gets your head banging and has your brain shredded to pieces in minutes.

While there are seven tracks on this release it is a fairly short listen as each track hovers around the two minute mark. But within those short minutes you are treated to a purely visceral, grinding, deadly and raw assault. This record is packed with content and packed with nothing other than some of the most twisted, unfiltered and caustic grind. Before you even press play you get a tepid whiff of decomposing cadavers, and after you press the play button you become entombed in those rotted/rotting cadavers.

“Nightmare Future” is a relentless and unforgiving record that barrels straight for you aiming to rip your throat out from the very beginning. This is a grinding release that leaves you no time to breathe what so ever as Expulsion kicks their new record off quick and keeps the frantic pace going until the last note has faded away. Expulsion steamrolls along burying anyone that dares get in their way. They move along from song to song without so much as a second in between for you to catch your breath. Once the opener “Total Human Genocide” begins, your head snaps back and the relentless assault of metallic rot tears at your face and slashes at your throat for the entirety of the listen.

“Nightmare Future” has a great throw back sound to it with some new age noise to go along with it creating a foul and devastating sound. Overall, this release is one hell of a debut for these heathens. “Nightmare Future” provides you with seven solid, shredding, blood vessel bursting and head banging tracks for you to lose your brain to, what else could you possibly want?

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