Review EYESTRAL “Beware the Rat King”

Review EYESTRAL “Beware the Rat King”

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EYESTRAL “Beware the Rat King”

And so we’re in Normandy now. To be more precise we’re in Rouen. Goal of our visit isn’t connected with very long (we need to back to times of Roman’s Empire greatest power to find origin of the city) and exciting history. We’ll also don’t care at the moment and place about many well-known people (mostly from culture’s world) who was born or lived here. Well, even the fact that French president was born in Rouen doesn’t matter now! Now the only important word for us is: EYESTRAL. It’s not coz there’s something special in the word as word. But this is name of the band formed in 2012. This band released during these 5´6 years only two items: “Demo” in 2014 and “Beware the Rat King”. Guys tell that it’s EP, but we have here seven songs which take more than 40 minutes, so it’s an album in my opinion. But maybe since I got to know what EP is (in early 90’s – here was only vinyl 7, 12” ones) its definition changed… Who knows?!?

EYESTRAL is created by four guys and they call their music as Progressive Thrash Metal. Well, to be honest this adjective last times begun to connote not so positive to me, at least not always. That’s coz quite often bands which play something “progressive” seem to favor a tenet: “as strangest and more complicated as better”. And this band seems to be one of them. Structure of songs is broken. Everything sounds at least twisted. It takes first of all, guitars. Riffs sometimes sound like they’d be played disconnected. There’s really a little of any kind of melody. But drums and bass aren’t worst in this point. Sometimes I have impression that musicians didn’t agree what to play – every plays something else. Well, sometimes it’s fine to listen to something written especially for mad people, but… However, I know that the only reason why songs are like there is twisted taste of musicians – how it should sound. They all surely have good knowledge what they can do with their instruments. They all know very well what extremely technical playing is. We have here of course also vocal for which is responsible Ant Majora (also guitarist). He sings almost clean vocal. It’s the same crazy as music – a little hoarse and, at least I can hear it, with note of craziness or to use word which doesn’t have negative connotations – psychedelia.

The other problem which I have with the most of progressive acts is that regardless of this how they call their music it sounds the same or at least almost the same. Valentine, Baptiste, Davis and Ant say that they play Progressive Thrash Metal, but to be honest I can find here really rarely something what I could connect with just this genre of music. Well, it can be Ant’s vocal. Sometimes way in which play guitars and that’s it. To tell the truth I had impression that I have to do with Thrash Metal only during the most of first song (“Prismatic Moon”) and when I saw covert-art.

To sum up, this is music for really morrow circle of listeners. I mean people who like such musical experiments or to these very open-minded and ready for everything. Other ones should take away themselves as far as possible from this album coz it’s for sure nothing for them! By the way, if I’d say that “Beware the Ret King” isn’t good stuff than it’d mean that I became stone deaf! I’ll listen for sure to it sometimes, but really sometimes to don’t become crazier as I’m!!!


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Bart Tomaszewski

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