Review: For My Demons “Close to the Shade”

Review: For My Demons “Close to the Shade”

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For My Demons “Close to the Shade”
Revalve records

I know nothing about this band except the fact that one day ex-drummer of NEVERDREAM, Gabriele Palmieri, decided to create F. M. D. If he didn’t move then band’s home-town is Eternal City how often (and I think in all languages of at least Europe) is called Rome. And that’s what I know.

Anyways, I suppose birth of FOR MY DEMONS didn’t take place very long time ago because I’m just reviewing their debut album. It contains seven compositions which in my opinion just can’t be connoted in any way with Metal. This is also opinion of band’s members, as I see. Otherwise they’d don’t call it Dark Alternative Rock, don’t you?!? Music is surely melodic, but somehow there’s some dark element. Maybe it doesn’t take place whole the time, but I notice quite a lot of classic (or stylized on it electric one) guitar. Otherwise riffs are rather roundly. There’s some dose of technic what doesn’t mean displays. Honestly it’s not so easy to hear something what we could call solos here. Bass is pulsing nicely quite often. I’m not sure, but it seems for me that Andrea isn’t from our Metal world (and even if he’s then gas open mind and listen not only to Metal). By the way, even in biography this is emphasized that musicians who recorded this full-length are from diverse musical backgrounds and I can hear this. Anyhow, Gabriele beats calmly, there’s no some speed-ups and stuff like that in that. He does it also quite variable as well.

Vocalist sings with his clean voice in way which is probably ideal for music like that. Personally I don’t like stuff like that. I mean, I have nothing against listening to this from time to time (also after finishing this review, but I’m sure that I’ll have right mood for this rarely. And that’s why my mark can be a little underrepresent – in review personal feelings of author play important role. And that’s why we don’t review here in ANTICHRIST any pop or other rap!!!

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