Review: Frozen Sand “Fractals A Shadow out of Lights”

Review: Frozen Sand “Fractals A Shadow out of Lights”

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Frozen Sand “Fractals A Shadow out of Lights”

Borgomanero is rather little town where live something like 20.000 people. It’s situated quite nearby (30 kilometers) Novara. As I know in comparison with this city Borgomanero is very young one. But let’s be honest, in comparison with Novara almost everything is young – roots of this city are deeply in ancient times.

Anyway, as we perfectly know, also in such little towns live people who create music. Very well examples are here three guys who decided in 2010 to create a band. It took not so many time to complete line up and guys, as quintet, recorded their debut EP. And that’s it what I know about history of FROZEN SAND. I have no idea if they recorded something else between mentioned EP which tittle unfortunately I don’t know and ‘Fractals a Shadow out of Lights’, but since music is the most important this fact doesn’t matter at all or is rather negligible, second-tier.

So we have here with eight songs long album. Music is rather calm and sometimes (during some songs) we can even mellow out during listening to it. As I noticed that guys have different and quite bred influences, so describing this music isn’t as easy as pie. They call it: Rock-Progressive-Metal and well… I can’t find anything better. Anyways, this calm in music of Italians is from time too time questionable. But these heat ups happen not so often, so… Riffs are melodic and surely various. However, there’s mostly this Rock claw here, in some moments it can even connote with Heavy Metal. Mattia and Federico don’t display what doesn’t mean that they play shallow, unimaginative or stuff like that. It means only that it’s practically mission impossible to find here some solos and so on. Well, if somebody will toughly insist than maybe will find something what can be clarified like that.But solos and other technical tricks aren’t obligatory and it’s possible to play interesting without them, doesn’t it?!? The same we can say about Somone (drums) and Tiziano (bass). There’s any fireworks here, but to say that anything interesting happens would be at least mistake.Of course especially when it’s about drumming we could hook on to this or something else, but let’s don’t be so nitpicking. For me the only minus is to less cymbals – as almost always.

Luca and Federico (who’s job are backing vocals) sing of course with their clean voices. Well, in case of Federico it’s more hoarse, but it’s still absolutely not any kind of growling! In one song we have also some girl who sings few lines. All this make music more interesting, I guess. In general this is good full-length – not distinguished, but good enough to be in collection of everyone who likes Rock. Here I have to mention that it’s not about Hard Rock, but more calm kind of Rock with some harder or maybe even heavier elements.

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