Review: GATECLOSER “From The Wasteland” [Sliptrick records]

Review: GATECLOSER “From The Wasteland” [Sliptrick records]

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Let’s have some adventures in the wasteland. We’ll travel in the company of this very interesting new band and all their stories.

From the intro, you know that you are dealing with something special. This intro features instruments, spoken words, but also sound effects like footsteps, crows calling, and a gate opening. Let’s take that as a call to begin our adventures. And the following tracks, with its catchy and crazy fast, and its unclassifiable style, doesn’t disappoint.

What could we call this music? According to iTunes, it’s thrash metal, and it definitely has the aggression and the wild and choppy riffs of thrash, but it also has a peculiar sound. It’s not music that you label, it’s music that you need to describe to do it justice. It has many different elements, like the intro I already described, the bluesy riffs turning thrashy and the evil laughs at the end of The Crow, the crowd screaming, the entire band singing the chorus and the sinister riffs in Bury Him Alive. I could also mention the desperate ballad Take my Hand, the more mellow Will of the Dark and the much heavier Blackout. Or the odd, slightly nasal and raspy vocals, with occasional screaming and many spoken words. This album is telling various stories, and it uses all the musical styles and ideas it likes to tell its stories.

But it doesn’t sound like a fantasy-themed power metal album, because while this album has some power metal elements, I think it has a much more obvious blues influence. Basically, it’s heavier and faster blues-rock, with a constant undertone of melancholy. This album has a lot of fun, a lot of great energy, but also a lot of emotions, and often a sad, pessimistic tone. Like a good story, it’s fun to listen to, and has some really moving moments.

It’s also pretty cool to listen to. There’s all the awesome energy of heavy/thrash metal, and many riffs, like in The Crow, Blackout, Death Parade, Bury Him Alive or White Bones, that can definitely be called awesome too. But this album also knows how to express emotions, and to have an emotional impact on the listener. It knows how to blend different musical ideas together, and, from that and all its emotions, to create a unique atmosphere. Maybe not all tracks have all those great special ingredients, but those that do work really well.

There was definitely something special about this album. It was equally fun to listen to and to review. I really recommend this one, and hope you’ll have as much fun as I did.

Release date: September 22nd, 2020

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