Review: Ghost “Prequelle”

Review: Ghost “Prequelle”

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Three years passed since Meliora was released. During this time Ghost took Grammy award, released a short EP Popestar, quarreled, took off each other’s masks and met in court.

But in 2017, during their last tour show in Sweden, two strapping guards took Papa Emeritus III from the scene. After that very unhealthy Papa Emeritus Zero went on stage and declared, losing his breath-helping mask: “The Party Is Over. New era begins. Middle ages begin”. That means that new album Prequelle is coming.

Ghost‘s line-up remained the same: four Nameless Ghouls and Tobias Forge, now as Cardinal Copia, whose coming and ordination was funny played in three short preceded videos.

By the way, Papa Emeritus Zero didn’t lied: middle ages theme, with reeking cities, rats, plague and witch hunting is fully presented in an album.

Musically, Prequelle goes 80s with their simple but very sticky dancing melodies. Herewith, there are no doubts that this album is metal. How can this be possible? Just listen to “Dance Macabre”, some kind of “C.C. Catch-meets-Bon Jovi-in-a-Chuch Of Satan”. Well, live reactions from some famous musicians including Kirk Hammet and Phil Anselmo are representative too. Or to have a look how Cardinal Copia dance in “Rats” video. Metal and ballet are not go together? Ghost can show you that they are!

However, an album is rich not only with dancing rhythms. Some thunder drums and fast as lightning guitar solos can be found in “Faith”. “Witch Image” is, maybe, the catchiest song in an album that clings you from the first riff. “Pro Memoria” surprises with wondrous, exalted melody and darkest lyrics: “Don’t you forget about dying/Don’t you forget about your friend death/Don’t you forget that you will die”. The dissonance is so great that it’ll need a couple of listening just to put it in the head. And of course ending “Life Eternal”, probably the most romantic Ghost’s song (as it possible). Foreseeing astonish raised eyebrows: yes, more romantic than “He Is”.

Also it’s impossible to pass by two instrumental compositions. “Miasma” (what a lovely name, isn’t it?) with almost all instruments solos starts slowly and gradually raises tempo. In the end there is quite fast Heavy Metal gallop with sudden saxophone, which, it seems, is a 2018 metal trend. “Helvetesfonster” starts intriguing and ominously, flowing to a tender flute and keyboards melody. Later guitars will come, but keyboards will remain the main instrument here. Also there will be some waltz, disco and medieval melodies that pass like a hurricane. They turn one into another unnoticeably but very spectacularly and it ends with wind blowing and bell sounds.

There is an opinion that while we waited for the new iPhone and bigger TV screen, apocalypse has already come. Well, if so, there is nothing we can do, only have fun, feast and dance. And Prequelle can not be better suited to such pre-infernal merriment. What? It will be worse further, but it’s not a reason to be sad!

Prequelle will be released on June, 1 via Loma Vista/Spinefarm Records.


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