Review: Hadal “Painful Shadow”

Review: Hadal “Painful Shadow”

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Hadal “Painful Shadow”
Sliptrick records

Trieste is rather specific city in comparison to other ones in Italy. This is of course because of its history and location at the crossroads of Latin, Slavic and Germanic cultures. This is very old city which existed long before Romans conquered it in 2nd century before Nazarene. So these of you who’re interested in monuments and stuff like that will surely find something interesting over there.

Anyways, HADAL was created in 2009, but somehow I treat it as continuation of other band that existed between 2003 and 2008. This band called SO COLD. This isn’t even about the fact that the most of members (three of five) of SO COLD play in HADAL. But music created by this first one is somehow similar to what we’re able to hear on ‘Painful Shadow’. I mean, the same feelings emanates from that. What feelings I’m talking about? Well, this music is full of sadness, melancholy and stuff like that.

Creativity of HADAL has much more to do with Metal than it was in case of SO COLD, by the way. Guys call it Dark Metal and I think this term is right. The biggest influence here is Doom/Death Metal for sure, but I can easily hear some touches of other kinds of Metal – especially solo in “Dying Fall”, but not only of course. In general Triestinis serve us melodic music in slow-middle tempo as well. Riffs, drumming and bass’ track are various. You can hear directly that Frank (lead guitar), Max (rhythm guitar), Daniele (drums) and Teo (bass) know how to use their instruments and have huge musical imagination – music is melodic, but also create some sad, melancholic aura in the same time. Alberto uses a wide variety of vocalization. This is both clean voice and deep growling, first of all.

Well, the best will be if you’ll just listen to it! I guarantee that it deserves for your attention and ‘pain of existence’ to find the way to contact them. Anyways, if you’re fan of such plating the you’ll fall in love with debut album of this Italian band who come back with its music to 90’s and creativity of classic, mostly English, bands of Doom/Death Metal. I hear influences of especially two English giants here. Which ones?!? Just listen to ‘Painful Shadow’ carefully and you’ll have the answer.

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