Review: Hellripper “The Affair Of The Poisons” [Peaceville Records]

Review: Hellripper “The Affair Of The Poisons” [Peaceville Records]

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From the Highlands of Scotland comes Hellripper with a searing take on the early black/speed metal of yesteryear. Embodying the lo-fi production and fretboard gymnastics of that early sound of the genre, Hellripper take things to the next level on The Affair of the Poisons.

First thing first, I need to talk about the guitar work on this album. From the opening riffs of the title track through the album’s final moments… Holy Shit. The speed is incredible and the riffs are nothing if not original. It’s not always the particular style that I’m looking to listen to, and it is in some ways dated, but to not recognize the talented fretwork would be absolutely criminal.

The album has an excellent flow to it, rising and falling while never losing its astounding momentum.

There simply are no dull moments. It keeps the listener’s focus effortlessly, making it known that their full attention is absolutely necessary. It demands respect and I think it does a marvelous job of garnering it.

The mix of the album is a little bit thin for my taste, and I think some listeners might be turned off by an outdated concept, but overall the album accomplishes its goals expertly. Give this one a good close listen. I highly recommend it.

Release date: October 9, 2020

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