Review: Human Mycosis “Pile Pillow Pinkeye”

Review: Human Mycosis “Pile Pillow Pinkeye”

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Human Mycosis “Pile Pillow Pinkeye”
UKEM records

I was born in the insular nation known as Cornwall, or Kernow as we call it. As this is an international mag, if you don’t know where it is, it’s in the far South West of the UK and it’s where Poldark is based.

And Cornwall is more renowned for its pasties and (these days) producing international rugby players (particularly from my old stomping grounds of Penzance and Newlyn). When it comes to Metal bands, there are a few dwelling in the nations underground, but none have made a big breakthrough, as far as I’m aware…

Which brings us nicely onto Human Mycosis.

Formed in 2014, they released their debut EP, Scatsville, in 2016. Good solid Brutal Death Metal, with dodgy song titles – Foaming At The Muff, being the biggest culprit.

After a couple of delays, their new EP is upon us, practically 2 years on from their debut and some things haven’t changed a bit. Dodgy cartoon cover, yep, still there… and dodgy song titles, oh yes…  we are spoilt with the likes of Skidders On My Pillow and my favourite, Too Many Cocks Spoil The Muff

The big difference is the quality of the music. Their debut was good, but this is exceptional. The production is superb, nice and loud… and probably how they like to do their shits, it has a certain fullness about it.

And the amount of gigging they’ve done since their last release has tightened them up (like a good sphincter?) And they really sound like a band who could go places. This rivals most releases I hear from bands on a similar standing.

This out on digital now, the cd is out January 26th… they also have some very cool t-shirts which proclaim: Kernow Death Metal… and that’s on the top of my shopping list at the weekend.

This is very worthy of your time and money

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