Review: In Tenebriz “Winternight Poetry” [Symbol of Domination Prod]

Review: In Tenebriz “Winternight Poetry” [Symbol of Domination Prod]

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Let me introduce a solo project from Russia that has been around for a decade but one that sadly, I have just been acquainted with. Wolfir is the man behind In Tenebriz and he released his Winternight Poetry concept album back in February of this year. This is 7 tracks, just shy of the 40 minute mark which falls neatly into the Black Atmospheric category (if you like labels).

Winternight Poetry does a good job of building emotion in most of the tracks with the use of extremely Burzumesqe synth layers under the slow, brooding guitar work. I’d call this album a gentle take on the genre, one laced with beauty and longing in equal measure. Wolfir can handle vocals and through most of the album they don’t stray from the plan but now and again there’s a surprise as he veers off at an angle. Winternight Poetry presses all the right buttons if you appreciate the delicate side of music. An album that gets better with each listen, only because this is not an in your face release. A sit back and relax, contemplate and withdraw from the world album for sure. My appreciation and approval towards you Wolfir, job well done, Sir.

Here’s a tip, if you go to Bandcamp right now not only will you find this album but the whole back catalogue of In Tenebriz for a price that will MAKE you purchase immediately. If you use Bandcamp, you will buy – you’ll see what I mean.

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