Review: JAW BONES “Wrongs On A Right Turn”

Review: JAW BONES “Wrongs On A Right Turn”

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JAW BONES “Wrongs On A Right Turn”
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Everything takes it’s the end. But this universal rule doesn’t affect music. This Greek band is another proof of this.  Many people think that Grunge died shortly after Kurt’s Cobain death, but they’re wrong. This genre of music just isn’t as popular and commercially successful anymore and came back to its natural environment – underground scene.

The fact is that JAW BONES mix Grunge with Stoner Rock, but influences of this first one are huge, I think. Jelly and Bill play mostly heavy and a little (or a little more) twisted riffs. There’re of course some calmer fragments or even songs. There guitars also create specific climate. Guys play variable and sometimes it sounds like they’d fight with each other – in the same time this fight is coherent whole. I know that it seemingly sounds nonsensical, but if you’ll listen carefully to what Greeks present then you’ll notice that this isn’t nonsense what I wrote.

Generally music of Thessaloniki’s residents is rather in slow or at least middle-slow tempo. So you shouldn’t expect some eruptions of speed and stuff like that, This is also about drums, of course. Anthropos beats variously, but there’re no blasts, radical changes of tempo and so on. Bass is hidden in background, but in the same time well-hearable – at least sometimes.

When I heard “Should Know Better” very first time it came one of giants from Seattle on my mind. And this still is like that, by the way. Well, timbre of Cobas and his way of singing reminds me vocalist of the band I indirectly mentioned. But since Grunge was never my world I can be wrong.

However, it’ll be the best if you’ll confront my words with what you’ll be able to hear on this album. I have nothing against this music as well, but frankly speaking I’m quite happy that this is the end of this review. This is good stuff and I can appreciate technical and so on value. That’s why especially fans of such music (here I have to tell again that this is not classical Grunge and there’re some strong influences in that) shouldn’t be suggested by my mark, I guess.

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