Review: Jenner “To Live Is To Suffer”

Review: Jenner “To Live Is To Suffer”

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What do we know about Serbia? Actually those who wasn’t there know only what written in Wikipedia. What do we know about Serbian metal scene? Nothing at all. Nevertheless, it exists. Also there is a great speed/thrash metal band there, named  Jenner, which  consists entirely of beautiful girls.

So, Jenner is: это Anđelina Mitić (vocals), Aleksandra Stamenković – (guitars), Mina Petrović – (bass) и Marija Dragićević (drums). In 2013 Jenner  was born as a cover band, but after short time girls also started to create and play their own material. After some line-up changes the band started to work on their debut album with a name, such a close for everyone – ‘To Live Is To Suffer’.

An album contains eight fast, aggressive songs. Great work of rhythm-section (“Hear The Thunder Roar”, “How Deep Is Your Greed”, “Demon’s Call”), interesting guitar bridges with powerful and fierce riffs (“The Heath Is Coming Again”, “On The Judgement Day”). But with this music is very melodic and, as though it may seem contradictory, is quite womanly because of vocals.

Anđelina Mitić use her natural voice and sings with clean vocals. Of course it become harsh in some moments, there are also some high notes. But generally it is good, clean vocal, which Anđelina use skillfully within the genre.

Record quality is also high enough, surprisingly. Or maybe it’s only my prepossession to underground recordings. Well, never mind. The most important thing is that every instrument sounds perfectly well and the whole record is powerful. Luca Matkovic from Citadela Sound Production did a great job.

In the end I want to say that conjunction of clean female vocals and such fierce music is quite extraordinary thing and you may not like it at first. But if listen to the album a little more closely, it’ll take its rightful place in many fans playlists.

‘To Live Is To Suffer’ will be released on February, 20 by French label Infernö Records.

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