Review: Kafirun “Eschaton”

Review: Kafirun “Eschaton”

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Kafirun “Eschaton”
Seance Records

Some albums you can cut up into small chunks and you can departmentalize everything… and some, like this one (obviously) you need to treat as a whole package… the artwork, the ambience and of course the music.

Canada’s Kafirun have delivered, what I interpret it to be, the feeling of an occult type ritual. You look at the artwork, the band photos of them covered in headscarves and it all adds up to a magical mystical affair. Albeit magical in a downtrodden, deathly form, with some jaw-dropping dynamics.

Musically, this is dizzying Black Metal. Propelled forward by the expert drumming of new addition, Mesmorphion. Which is, in turn, calmed by the chanting style vocals and soothing melodies, which fight their way through the razor sharp, twisting Black Metal.

I don’t think Kafirun sound like Akercocke, but they do have that air of a band that are masters of their craft and of a band that aren’t afraid to take risks.

This isn’t a simple blastfest. It’s a beautifully constructed piece of music and one you absorb, rather than just listen to.

As someone who has no idea how to write music, other than with my (fun) Rytmik software, I have no idea how a band builds something so complex, that flows naturally and that forms a stunning coherent journey. This really is a mesmerizing piece of work. And a piece of work I’m totally in awe of.

I’m sitting here, just staring at my screen as track 6 of 7, Ephemerality of the Flesh is just about reaching its conclusion and I genuinely have no idea how to end this review.

I’m probably just going to act like a complete fanboy as I drool over the fact that Eschaton really is one of those albums that all Black Metal fans need to hear. It sets the bar so high, that this is the standard that most bands should try and attain.

What else can I say? Just buy this album and thank me for pointing you in the direction of such a masterpiece

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