Review: Kvalvaag ”Seid”

Review: Kvalvaag ”Seid”

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Kvalvaag- “Seid“ (Dusktone records)

First time getting to know Kvalvaag’s music was last year, when I heard their 2nd album, Malum, and since then, this band became my favorite no matter what. When the Norwegian black metal act announced a new album, I could not wait for that, and this year, Seide came out at the end oh July via Dusktone records.

The 2nd album, Malum, caught me the attention from the begining: the atmospheric, symphonic and dark elements used in the album, togheter with the True Norwegian Black metal elements, all these into one album; to say it short, something is happening in that album.

But the new album, Seide, the most awaited album (for me) from this year, a part II of Malum I’d say, Kvalvaag impressed me, once again, the elements I like the most into their music (atmospheric, symphonic, dark) are present since the 1st track (that intro though).

More nice on this album is the backing clean and thick vocals by Rammr, which creates more atmosphere on songs like `Mare`,  `Nattegrøde`, `Bergtatt“ and so on, Kvalvaag also decided to cover a song for each album, following on the previous ones bands like Mysticum and Troll, on Seid there is a cover by Gehenna, `Vinterriket“.

One album, having everything to sound just perfect and fit in the Norwegian Black metal sound, an album where you can here diverse elements, not just a single melodic line, it’s dark, it is what I like to hear most of the time when it comes to Black metal (better said, Symphonic Black metal).

Kvalvaag is one of those bands that I’d never be tired of listening to, and I’m pretty sure, no matter how many albums they will release in the future, their music won’t dissapoint me! Check them out aswell!

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