Review: LASCAR “Absence”

Review: LASCAR “Absence”

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LASCAR “Absence”
A Sad Sadness Song
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As soon as you press play you get hit with a beautiful and melodic intro that is filled with soothing guitars, drums and an angelic kind of humming in the background, but after about two minutes that begins to fade and the biting black metal takes over. “Absence” is the name of Lascar’s new record and it houses four post black metal songs that all cross over the seven minute mark. Each song is already atmospheric as it is, but with the longer run times it really gives you a chance to dive into the record and feel everything that it has to offer and just succumb to the music.

“Absence” does a great job of getting you hooked right when you begin listening. Lascar does a great job of mixing deafening black metal with plenty of atmosphere and melody to create a dark yet wondrous listen. Even though the run times are quite long on these songs, they never feel like burden to listen to. Each song is easy to sink in to and get lost in and before you know it the record is over and you have to listen again. Right from the get go, “Absence” sucks you in and keeps you listening all throughout and never once do you think about skipping a song or leaving the listen entirely.

In just four songs Lascar captivates you and takes you mind through new atmospheres and soundscapes. There is a lot of content here on this record for you to sift through and listen to and it will take more than one listen to let everything sink in, but the more that you listen the more that you pick up. In just four songs “Absence” provides you with vast soundscapes and mind spinning atmospheres as well as some overall great black metal that you can’t seem to turn away from. It is very easy to get lost in this record and it is very easy to listen to numerous times as it is very memorable and intoxicating and you will find yourself spinning this release more than often.

In conclusion, “Absence” is a cohesive piece that offers up more than meets the ears if that makes any sense. This record provides you with so much in so few songs and that is the beauty of it. Black metal lovers will certainly take a liking to this record as well they should as it is a solid and heavy outing for Lascar.

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