Review: LENG TCH’E “Razorgrind”

Review: LENG TCH’E “Razorgrind”

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LENG TCH’E “Razorgrind”
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Since 2001, the Belgian grind crew Leng Tch’e have unleashed a series of albums as well as split releases with the likes of kindred spirits like Fuck The Facts that demonstrate their precise, violent and above all satisfyingly brutal taken on grindcore.

The band thankfully return with another slab of well honed razor sharp grind that will destroy ears and minds across the globe in the form of their sixth album Razorgrind (and albums don’t come as aptly named as this one), it is the bands first since 2010s Hypomanic and while it has been a long time since we last heard any new Leng Tch’e material, one listen to this album let’s you know that it has been more than worth the wait.

The furious groove of Gundog Allegiance gets things off to a savage start and the aural savaging doesn’t give up until the last notes of the album have faded into oblivion, much like the ears and the mind of the listener!

Songs like the standout and suitably manic lines of AnarChristic, Stentor Of Doom, The Red Pill, and I Am The Vulture are fast paced slices of grinding metal that the band do so well, while the more groove orientated but still as blisteringly heavy likes of Species.Path.Extinction and the closing sludge goodness of Magellanic Shrine give the album a bit of eclecticism and the whole package adds up to being one of devastating aural brutality.

Despite the relatively long wait for new material, Leng Tch’e have blasted back with a fresh outlook that has allowed the band to make an album as assured and as deadly and Razorgrind and they should be applauded for this. Leng Tch’e have announced they are back in the most vicious way possible with one of the best extreme albums of the year thus far, its good to have them back and hopefully the wait for new material won’t take as long next time. Although if it is and the results are as good as Razorgrind, it’ll be worth it too then.

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