Review: Lodestar “Polaris” [Sliptrick Records]

Review: Lodestar “Polaris” [Sliptrick Records]

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Lodestar is a Canadian gothic rock/doom metal band, formed in 2021. Polaris is their third album, recorded in 2023 but will be released in July this year. An interesting fact is that the musicians are hardworking guys, releasing an album every year: their debut in 2021, the second album in 2022, and this current one recorded in 2023. That looks amazing, considering the band consists of only two members.

Musically, Lodestar comes with an interesting mix. On one side, you can hear gothic rock; on the other side, you can hear doom metal; and on the third side, you can hear hard rock tunes. But, all in all, do not expect something heavy or too metal. Be prepared for doomy gothic rock with sometimes dense guitar rhythms. The music is worthwhile, sounding pretty atmospheric and deeply emotional, with visible gothic doom parts. Each track has its own atmosphere and a kind of charm. Kate’s vocals are worth attention; she delivers vocal parts that captivate your ears and draw you into the musical part of the album. Really good.

I would like to highlight some specific tracks, but I cannot because I literally dig every song on this album. I wouldn’t say Polaris is the kind of album I will be back to too often, but I will, which means for me this is not a one-time listen album. And one more thing I would like to admit: Polaris would be recommended for fans of more fresh/modern music, not those into classical doom/gothic music. But, on the other hand, listen first, and make your own decision 😉

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