Review: LUCID DREAM “The Great Dance Of The Spirit” [Sliptrick records]

Review: LUCID DREAM “The Great Dance Of The Spirit” [Sliptrick records]

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The concept of the “Great Spirit” is coming to a closure, let’s find out how it ends…
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„Oh Great Spirit
hear me,
I need you
Tell me how to reach you
to love beyond fear
make me wise “

Dress of Light by Lucid Dream

Welcome to the progressive, mystical, dare I say – a spiritual world of a five-piece band Lucid Dream (Sestri Levante, IT), under the cover of Sliptrick Records. Simone Terigi (guitarist, composer and producer) brings alive their fourth album called “The Great Dance of the Spirit, recorded at the Italian Tabasco Studio. Give it a try and find a comfy place to enjoy this epic rock musical. Except for an enormous load of creativity and progressiveness (on the edge of being slightly obnoxious), album deals with big picture story that started over 7 years ago. For those who don’t already know, this is the final chapter of the trilogy concept about the “journey to the origin of human soul” and “beyond the infinite knowledge and inner peace”.

It all begun with the independent release of The Eleventh Illusion in 2013 and continued with the Otherworldly album in 2016. Their new release “The Great Dance of the Spirit“ takes you on the continuous journey through time and space of Lucid Dream‘s music, and with any luck be a conducive companion in your own spiritual search. From the whole concept, it feels as if the main protagonist puts too much pressure on himself … perhaps in order to discover endless truth, which is fucking hard … or maybe to attract attention? There are definitely amazing moments like “The War of the Cosmos”, representing the exact picture of Van Halen having intercourse with Jon Petrucci and switching positions from the top to bottom. All joking aside, lyrics construct is truly deep throughout the whole album which also meets the other aspects of progressive rock music. On the other hand, I sense passages which are too saturated with ideas and seem to have no peak at the end. Does it sound any different to you? Terigi is certainly not trying to copy your favourite bands, Lucid Dream has its original sound which is recorded at 432 Hz … some might say it´s magical and deep, healing and scientific. What about you? – Let us know in the comments.

“This song is the etheric body’s seal. ‘Dress of Light’ helps the artist to reach the spirit and shape the divine world in the matter.”

Lucid Dream about the fifth song A Dress of Light

Main composer and producer Simone Terigi is probably possessed by creative ideas and connects music with the metaphysical. Even more important is, that Lucid Dream knows how to materialize those ideas from their dimension into music in our reality. From the beginning, the opening title “Wall of Fire” will let you know what is going on – psychedelia, heaviness, brilliant clean vocals with the ’90s and even ’80s breath of Rush combined with more modern approach … do you like Satriani or Maiden? My personal insight – it reminds me of some early Scorpions stuff, mainly for the vocal parts. Cross-connection of heavy riffs and strings by Sara Calabria, Andrea Cardinaleand Rachele Rebaudengo is a brilliant idea in some places. Violin and cello parts of seventh, almost musical track “The Realm of Beyond“ sound fresh, and they kindly surprise you when heard for the first time. Compositions of clean acoustics and piano in tracks like “By My Side” adds to the broadness of musicality, which I genuinely appreciate.

“We are surrounded by beauty at all times
But we have no eyes to see beyond
If only we could admire this immensity
We would be overwhelmed by love.”

Dress of Light by Lucid Dream

Great emphasis on the audio quality is more than obvious. It’s noteworthy that even with various instruments and huge amounts of layers, it doesn’t lack the clarity. Mix was crafted by Tabasco Studio and mastering by Domination Studio. To sum it up, I respect and understand the artists’ vision of inner peace and self-called “manifested revelation” in the last tracks, especially Wakan Tanka … but from the listener´s point of view, there is a lack of punch and power in the second half of the album. Lucid Dream is making progress after every release and are able to create an original and epic sound. Check them out and hopefully, see them live soon!

Released on March 10th, 2020

Lucid Dream comprises of Simone Terigi (Guitar), Roberto Tiranti (Bass and Vocals), Karl Faraci (Vocals), Paolo Tixi (Drums), Luca Scherani (Keyboards)

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