Review: Lucifer’s Dungeon “The Dark Army Raises”

Review: Lucifer’s Dungeon “The Dark Army Raises”

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Lucifer’s Dungeon “The Dark Army Raises”
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Here we have another project which became almost the band. Originally Cain Black created it under the name DARK CELLAR and played everything. Finally in 2014 he was joined by Cerberus (drums) and Iscariot as live bass player. Frankly I have no idea why finding of these two musicians took so long time since Rostov-on-Don isn’t little town – even contrary, there live more than 1.100.000 people. But this mystery will stay unsolved, I guess. This year Cerberus had to left due to his health. That’s why Gromm (Denis Goncharov) became a drummer, but in July also left as I see. Anyways, there still are KoNo as solo guitarist and Goth Ghost as a bassist.

Well, this is rather complicated story with line-up. I mean, to be sure who’s at the moment in LUCIFER’S DUNGEON and who’s not. Reason is that something else is written in press kit and something else on several profiles of LUCIFER’S DUNGEON (on both I found information aren’t the same). But nevermind!!! The most important here is information that ‘The Dark Army Raises’ is a debut album. By the way, something like three months later Cain was putting on Bandcamp second full-length.

Musically we have with Black Metal to do of course. In general this is in middle-slow tempo, but some faster moments happen. Good example here is “Darkness” where they even dominate. Anyway, everything’s painfully foreseeable in my opinion. And it’s even not about easy riffs or the fact that they don’t change too often. These easy riffs create very standardized whole. The same I can say about drumming, even if there’s a little more of imaginativeness for sure. Vocal is standard as well.

In general I can’t see anything fresh in this stuff, unfortunately. Melodies created on keyboard are also rather standard. But well, this is what I think and especially true blue fans of Black Metal will probably think something else about ‘The Dark Army Raises’. For me this is just another Black Metal album which I’ll forget after finishing this review. But maybe I’m not evil enough to appreciate this music.

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