Review: Manacle “No Fear to Persevere…” [Hard and Heavy Records, No Remorse Records]

Review: Manacle “No Fear to Persevere…” [Hard and Heavy Records, No Remorse Records]

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I truly have no idea why I’m only stumbling upon Manacle now, two years following their debut record. No Fear To Persevere avoids all of the redundancies that make modern traditional metal feel oversaturated at times. Hailing from Canada, they deliver a style in the vein of Skull Fist with a slight kick towards power metal. Nailing catchy melodies and generating enough power to make an impression is the key to sticking out with this style, and they’ve got it.

The general construction here is a bit more advanced than normal, as they fill up nearly a half-hour with only six tracks. But they vary amongst themselves in their own ways. “Tears Of Wrath” sells itself as a faster, somewhat epic track that grows in tremolos and blistering riffs. But a giant shift in pace sets in with clean licks and steady bass tempos, finishing with this same approach. This also allows for a healthy amount of emotion for a smooth exit. “Journey’s Exit” is a unique one. It does feel dragged out longer than it needs to be, but when a bass solo creeps in near the end between two guitar solos, it proves itself worthwhile.

Other songs just take the straightforward route, such as the opener “Fight For Your Life.” This song is a perfect introduction of what to expect, as the heavier attitude molding into a welcoming delivery hits hard. “Live Fast, Die Fast” is another one like that, incorporating chanted vocals for added catchiness. The vocals in general are exceptional, considering they heavily reflect early Queensryche and Helloween without growing overbearing. Closer “Stand Tall” winds up containing the most oomph, blasting away to make sure their visit doesn’t go forgotten.

No Fear To Persevere is such a refreshing listen, and its short runtime keeps a firm grip on my interest. I really love how everything has its own chance to shine, including the drums in the intro of “Witches Hallow.” If you’re looking for something very aggressive, this likely won’t quench your thirst. But if you’re craving some powerful punches and wicked melody, give it a taste.

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