Review: Marche Funebre “Einderlicht” [BadMoodMan Music / Hypnotic Dirge Records]

Review: Marche Funebre “Einderlicht” [BadMoodMan Music / Hypnotic Dirge Records]

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Mixing elements like ingredients in an alchemical brew, Marche Funebre bring us a unique sound that bridges genres and emotions. A cinematic experience, Einderlicht expertly uses each of its varied parts to create a one of a kind experience to listeners.

The genres represented here are sort of all over the place. With elements of power metal and black metal intermingling with a death/doom base and an over all post metal vibe, this release can spin your head a bit on first listen. But Marche Funebre being it all together in such a way that makes it feel perfectly natural. The sound rises and falls and tells it’s story perfectly, playing out in a performance for the ages.

Musicianship is on full display as the band puts on a master class in every genre it decides to tackle in this mammoth release. Vocals ring out precisely in a very wide range of styles, making many jealous of the ability in the process. The mix is expertly applied, with all instruments falling into a comfortable place in the listener’s ear.

Marche Funebre craft here an album that demands to be heard and respected. More an experience than an album, it is best taken in all at once. Let the theatrical qualities wash over you and become immersed in the story that Einderlicht is telling. You won’t regret it.

Release date: September 25th, 2020

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