Review: Marcia Funebre “Marcia Funebre” [Heathen Tribes]

Review: Marcia Funebre “Marcia Funebre” [Heathen Tribes]

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Marcia Funebre’s music consists of melodic yet gloomy black metal riffs, and deep growling death metal vocals. The vocals really are one of the band’s best assets. The vocalist mostly does a very low roaring growl, but occasionally injects a few high-pitched screams as well. His growls are beastly but clear and easy to understand.

Is the music as good? Well, it does indeed have a funèbre atmosphere, created thanks to a lot of references to death and the apocalypse, and these dark and occult black metal riffs. It regularly uses, with a few variations, this melodic riff with a sort of dark and gloomy tone. They managed to create a quite haunting intro, in the first track “All Dead Shall Be”, with the sound of rain followed by their strange melody turning into a black metal riff.

Now it’s a shame that other tracks are not as memorable. It’s a good thing that they keep using their haunting melodic riffs, because it breaks up the monotony. Another idea that manages to do the same is the gloomy keyboard and high-pitched scream intro to “A Manifest to…”.

But most of the songs quickly turn into a blur of riffs and vocals. Yes, it’s heavy and dark. Yes, it’s quite well-made, it has some ambition and some good ideas. But it gets repetitive quite quickly. The songs sound the same, and as such, it’s hard to tell them apart or remember them. They are long, which shows that the band has some ambition and can write complex material, but also makes the song hard to get through. Except for “All Dead Shall Be” and “A Manifest to…”, few of the songs are really memorable.

Again, the band is competent enough. I didn’t hate this album, and I can see how someone would like it, but I have to say I found it quite forgettable.

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