Review: Methedrine “Built For Speed”

Review: Methedrine “Built For Speed”

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Methedrine “Built For Speed” (Kornalcielo Records)

Methedrine are quite a new band, but with this 4 track debut, with a running time of just over 9 minutes, they’ve made a huge fucking statement of intent.

Named Methedrine, in honour of Lemmy’s favourite substance (Methedrine is another word for Methamphetamine, aka Speed) and formed from the ashes of Italian Hardcore/Punk band Upset Noise, you will struggle to find a more powerful debut this year.

It takes the spirit of Motörhead, especially on opener, “YouPorn Generation”, throws in a bit of Tank, and piles on a bit more Punk attitude and mixes it with Hardcore/Thrash  gangshout vocals, as well as a few Thrash riffs. And never mind a bit of speed, this cocktail probably has a few more drugs mixed in, most likely some angel dust, such is the strength of the music.

Each song hovers just over the 2 minute mark, and that’s just about right for something this aggressive and this loud… I actually turned down the volume whilst playing this.

So an absolutely perfect way to begin your recording legacy and I cannot wait to hear more music of this quality.

This is out on April 16th and you can pre-order it here

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