Review: Mindless Sinner “Master Of Evil” [Pure Steel Records]

Review: Mindless Sinner “Master Of Evil” [Pure Steel Records]

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Sweden Mindless Sinner have a very meager discography: for almost 40 years of existence, the band released only four albums. The latest one, Poltergeist, was released in the beginning of 2020 and now Mindless Sinner re-release their debut EP Master Of Evil, apparently to show how it all started.

Formed in 1981 as Purple Haze with a couple of names’ changings, Mindless Sinner became a Heavy Metal band. After the band released their debut longplay Turn On The Power, the band changes the name one more time – now it is just Mindless – and the sound, going to some commercial Hard Rock. The band splits-up in 1990 but returns to stage in 2014 while keeping 80% of the original line-up, record a comeback album The New Messiah and even release a live album. The next one, Poltergeist also got some good feedbacks and now Mindless Sinner offer us to get back to their origins.

Originally, this album consisted of four tracks but this time five more demos were added, taking listeners back to the times when Heavy Metal was at the peak while other genres were just arise or made some timid first steps.

Abstracting from the quality of record (all instruments recorded with the same volume, obstructing vocals from time to time), some good, quite various and full of energy Heavy Metal can be heard in Master Of Evil. Here we have some NWOBHM, American Heavy, similar to Dio and Scandinavian Heavy Metal, of course, like Europe, for example.

A lot of potential can be heard in sometimes fragile voice; the drums are strong and mostly sound smooth. Guitarists in the turn play already classic Heavy riffs and recognizable hooks, revealing themselves fullyьin long, oftentimes melodic solo.

An album opens with mid-paces melodic “Broken Freedom”, a typical NWOBHM, which is changed with fast “Key Of Fortune” where the vocalist shows all his skills. Main “Master Of Evil” starts in ominous way but further transforms into classic Heavy with catchy riffa and hooks. And rhythmic “Screaming For Mercy” sounds close to Iron Maiden.

From demo songs I would like to highlight a cheerful “Heavy Metal Will Never Die”, which goes more to American Heavy and the ending “City Games”, where some diversity can be heard and the whole song sounds like a hit.

But all in all, Master Of Evil is a great snapshot of the period when Heavy Metal prevailed. But as for me, those who will really enjoy this album are 80s NWOBHM fans or some nostalgic people who really miss 80s.

Master Of Evil will be released on November 11 via Pure Steel Records.

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