Review: Murder Made God “Enslaved” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review: Murder Made God “Enslaved” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Murder Made God “Enslaved”
Comatose Music

Summer draws near so trip to Greece is even more than welcome. But there’re more interesting things than beaches, sea and so on. At least for us! One of things like that (not only one of course coz it’s a huge city) is in Thessaloniki. It calls MURDER MADE GOD and it was born 2011 on remains of other band – HUMAN REJECTION. Well, there was always good scene in this city. I’ll don’t bore you with tons of names, but…

Anyway, our four heroes use totally standard instruments for our beloved music – guitar, bass, and drums; of course also vocal. But is there more what we need to create Brutal and Technical Death Metal?!? In my opinion absolutely not!!! This music is from its tenet not too much elaborated. The main point here is brutality! And this is exactly what Greeks serve us! Brutality doesn’t mean fast as light playing whole the time. If it’d be like that I’d never use adjective “technical”, or what?!? Well, that’s even in some way opposite. Surely we have here fast or even very fast tempos given first of all by drummer, but mostly we have to do with rather middle or middle-fast ones.  Riffs are sometimes a little broken, but in the same time on its way melodious. They’re maybe not so complicated and there’s not some extremely huge number of them, but they change often. And it makes music interesting and not so easy to play from purely technical point of view – especially that Dennis is the only one who have to play this all. So his fingers must move all the time on fretboard. Anyway, Stelios also make on bass quite imposingly stuff. Vocal is of course classical growling. But could it be something else if we have to do with such genre of music?!?

Guys do their job very well. I know that surely there’ll be people who’ll say: “There’re tons of such bands on this world”.  And they’ll be right. But I don’t fuckin’ care!!! Sometimes (for me even mostly) more important is to be good craftsman than try to create something original to all costs. I like this band very much!!!

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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