Review: Necrytis “Dread En Ruin”

Review: Necrytis “Dread En Ruin”

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American band Necrytis formed not a long time ago but already released their debut LP Countersighns in 2017. Not wasting time the band record their second album ‘Dread En Ruin’ and according to Facebok photos already prepare material for the third LP.

Such diligence that goes with creativity is not such a frequent phenomenon. But with this I want to pay attention for a line-up: if Countersighns was recorded by three musicians, Dread En Ruin was created only by two. Those are drummer, vocalist and lyricist Shane Wacaster (Sue’s Idol, ex-Pandemonium) and guitarist Toby Knapp (Affliktor, Waxen, ex-Onward). And also guest keyboardist Arenas Watches.

Ok, to the music. According to press release Necrytis play US/Power Metal from 80s. Although there can be heard some classic Heavy and NWOBHM with some Progressive from time to time.

Some listeners can be confused with the songs’ timing: Dread En Ruin contains six songs with total time almost 50 minutes (ending track “Heresiarch Profane” is the longest one – 13:13), but they hardly will get bored. Here one song contains so much guitar riffs that some bands sometimes don’t have in a whole album. Drum patterns are also interesting: sometimes they just keep the rhythm, sometimes they are the most interesting from all instruments. And of course guitar solos are very diverse: from quite simple and melodic to technical and complicated and back.

However, an album has its lucks. Sometimes music got predictable and you can easily say which note or drum pattern will be played next. Maybe (probably) it happens because of musical cliché, which musicians failed to pass. But it does not make an album bad.

So, generally, Dread En Ruin can be called a good album. Not an excellent, but not poor or bad. I guess it will be liked by 80s nostalgic fans but other metalheads will find some interesting things there.

Dread En Ruin will be released on June, 29 via Pure Steel Records.

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