Review: NEOLITHIC / MARTYRDÖD split 7″

Review: NEOLITHIC / MARTYRDÖD split 7″

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Despite being thousands of miles apart in terms of location, Swedens Martyrdod and Baltimores Neolithic are connected inherently by the style of music they play, next door neighbors sonically in that respect. Both bands play a grinding melding of D-Beat and crustcore that would make originators Discharge proud. The two monoliths of crust come together on this split album and simply slay all that is in front of them.

This split is only two blink and you’ll miss them tracks with one song by each band but serves as a taster of whats to come in the future from both Neolithic (who will shortly release their debut EP Cult Of Ignorance) and Martyrdod (who are freshly signed to Century Media and have a new album upcoming later this year).

The members of Neolithic have plenty of previous experience in Bmore bands like Swarm Of The Lotus, Putrisect and Pulling Teeth and use that experience to fire on all cylinders in this new band. They pull out all the stops to create a monstrous noise with their offering on The A-Side of the split, Inner Adversary. The track is a perfect example of the blackened crust sound the band have honed and is augmented with a massive groove and listening to the song makes anticipation for the EP grow hugely as it flies by in a barrage of noise.

The B-Side is War Of Worlds and Martyrdods offering is the perfect match to Neothlicics aural battering with that classic Martyrdod sound intact but sounding even rawer and more unhinged on here with the tracks gnarled vivacity sounding like it’s going to break out of the speakers at any moment with the anger and energy in show sounding immense as we have come to expect from the band with the indication being that the bands forthcoming album will sound as good as their last album, the absolutely magnificent List.

With just two tracks on this split and the style of music that both of these bands play, it really is over too quickly but the quality on offer certainly warrants much repeated listens and adds a taster for the future of both of these superb bands.

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