Review: Obituary “Dying Of Everything” [Relapse Records]

Review: Obituary “Dying Of Everything” [Relapse Records]

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In 2017 the self-titled Obituary album was released. It hit the highest positions in various charts for all time the band exists (however, does it mean something nowadays?) but, what’s more important, it was highly acclaimed by critics and fans. And now, six years later, Obituary release their 11th album named Dying Of Everything.

Honestly, what can be expected from the new album of the band that almost 40 years on stage and, in fact, originate Death Metal?

Dying Of Everything contains 10 songs, which sound like “classic” Obituary: meaty guitars, simple (some call them “primitive” or “caveman”, though) yet effective riffs, good drumming and John Tardy’s sepulchral roar. Predictable? Yeah, but still impressive.

The first released single, “The Wrong Time” will be the best figure in this regard: dark, groovy and pretty memorable. The same happens in “Without A Conscience”, adding Ken Andrews’ shrieking guitar solo. The song named “War” (a vital topic, for my sorrow) sounds a little bit faster than previously mentioned tracks, with melodic solo and Donald Turdy’s really great drumming.

“Barely Alive”, which opens the album, immediately takes you to a Thrash Metal territory, without any intro or something like that: fast-paced riffs and drums in your face from the first second. Some Thrash Metal can be also heard in “Torn Apart”, while mainly this is an old school Death Metal, grim and aggressive. At the same time, “Weaponize The Hate” is relatively technically simple Death Metal piece with eerie vocals and dark overall atmosphere, just like it should be.

And the album ends with gloomy Doom track “Be Warned” with all significant Obituary things in it, which creates the atmosphere of something enormous and inescapable, coming up to you (well, it’s 2023, what can be worse).

Here I let myself to ask again the aforementioned question: what exactly did you expect from the band’s new album? If there were some expectations for innovations and experiments, I have bad news for you: this will not going to happen. All the things presented in Dying Of Everything were already on previous albums in one form or another – those, who compare Obituary to AC/DC in a context of strict and samey musical pattern for many years are totally right. Nevertheless, if you need a meaty sound, Death, Groove and catchiness, this is definitely your album, for sure. And mine too, no doubt.

Dying Of Everything was released on Friday, the 13th of January, 2023 via Relapse Records.


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