Review: Old Night “Pale Cold Irrelevance”

Review: Old Night “Pale Cold Irrelevance”

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Old Night “Pale Cold Irrelevance”
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The band Old Night was formed in 2015 in Rijeka, Croatia by Luka Petrovic, out of the remains of his longstanding band Ashes You Leave. Although its first conception was a one-man project, Luka soon found other members that fulfilled the lineup and the bands distinctive sound.

Speaking of the distinctive sound, this band definitely has it.  Far from bands like My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost; Old Night takes a lot of influence from progressive rock, blues with layers and layers of atmosphere. Pink Floyd of doom metal if you like.

That would be pretty much a description of their debut album Pale Cold Irrelevance. Like any doom metal record, it takes its time, where are you slowly been embraced by the atmospheres and feel of the album.

On the production side is well done, a very clear sound. A lot on emphasis is taken on the acoustic and electronic guitars giving that soft layer on the first tracks on the album, especially the solos to which I will cover in a moment.

Giving to the music genre that doom metal is, it has a lot of space for every instrument to breathe and to be noticed to the listener.  Vocals are top notch here, although there are 3 guys singing they blend like a one person. It’s emotional, sometimes rough and flow with the music flawlessly. There are growls here and there in the background, but they are at times rarely noticeable. Lyrics are very much in the tune of the music, nothing spectacular but there are very straightforward and easy to get with. As well as catchy, especially tracks like Mother of all Sorrows and Something is Broken.

The whole album is about the feel, it starts slow and kind of mellow on themes of sorrow and loss but the second part of the album picks up the pace and feels like a journey with the band. Each of these six songs is roughly about 9 minute’s duration. At a first instance it sounds like a chore to go through but after the first track The Last Child of Doom you are in the Old Night mood and 58 minutes pasts like its nothing.  It has an excellent flow.

Personally the second part of the album is my favorite when the songs become a bit heavier and more condemning in the lyrics. Starting with the Architects of Doom, Something is Broken and Contemptus Mundi which is possibly the best track of the album. An fantastic heavy and emotional closer with a killer solo at the end. Something that sounds straight from the band like Mourning Beloveth.

As much I give praise for the album, it has its flaws; it’s easy to mistake the songs because of the similar song structures that may happen sometimes and you got be in the right mood for this.  But if you are, this album will be on the replay for many hours a day on your stereo.

There is not much doom metal bands in Croatia, but Old Night has the strength of a dozen.

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