Review: Ordeals / Daethorn “Split Tape”

Review: Ordeals / Daethorn “Split Tape”

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Ordeals / Daethorn “Split TAPE” (Blood Harvest)

Here’s a split tape from two obscure bands. Ordeals from New York, and Daethorn, a French one man band.

And from this, I really can’t tell you what sort of band Ordeals are. After a short intro, they launch into an Old School Metal vibe, with Iron Maiden galloping guitars, fused with Black Metal and Deathly vocals. From there, they cover a Daethorn track, “Deadly Slumber” from a 2002 split, which is more Death Metal, because of the vocals. And they end their side of the tape with an ambient instrumental.

I like all the components, but I have no idea what Ordeals sound like, as this could be from three completely different bands.

Things are a lot easier with Daethorn as they crank out blastbeat driven Black Metal, from the off. They provide three tracks, their first in 16 or so years… and this is so good, it’s a shame the band have been dormant for so long.

It is raw, but the production suits the music as wave after wave of drums just pulverize you, with the melody, yes, there’s melody, fighting to get your attention.

Daethorn, the man, is also in Merrimack, who are signed to Season Mist. So I’m guessing he has to fit this project in around his main commitments.

I just hope he gets time to record some more music soon… and not in the year 2034.

There aren’t any clips on You Tube, but you can check out the album here

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