Review: OUR HATE “Defiled By Evil” [Sliptrick records]

Review: OUR HATE “Defiled By Evil” [Sliptrick records]

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Belgium’s Our Hate return with brutal new EP, Defiled by Evil, a criminally brief collection of face-ripping metal. With an expertly molded blend of styles that stand on their own amongst the individual influences, Our Hate crafts a brilliant sound that will leave you begging for more.

As punishing as it is sonically, Defiled by Evil is not an EP without heart. With themes touching on the loss of friendship, community, persistence, despair and relief, there is a distinct emotional note running throughout the EP, standing in contrast to the brutality of the music. Many of the songs are as uplifting lyrically as they are crushing musically, creating a very nice duality that is present in each song.

Equal parts brutal and catchy, Speak to Me is the perfect opener. With a sing-along chorus and galloping riffs, it is easily the most accessible song on the EP without losing an ounce of the aggression that defines this release. With it’s pleading lyrics and agonized vocal delivery, this one will pull on the heartstrings for sure.

The title track leans more heavily on a crossover thrash sound, with riffs fired off at blistering speeds and a double kick that keeps the listener’s heart pumping in triple time. The breakdown on this one will have you shadow moshing wherever you stand, want to or not. Make sure you listen to this one in a safe space, lest we have any accidents.

Next up is Together as One, which has a distinctly hardcore feel with a gang vocal chorus and chugging chords at its core. This is the gooey center at the heart of the EP. With uplifting lyrics about community and strength, it will certainly make it’s way on to many a pump-up playlist. In no way slouching musically, it also features a ripping solo sure to satisfy the staunchest of air guitar virtuosos.

Remorse of a Serial Killer is simply one of those songs that has “IT”.  Relatively simple in its riffing and structure, the song just satisfies on every level. The ending is a particular delight with a mournful guitar solo that stands in beautiful contrast to a chugging beat down riff. At once creativity vivid and sparse, this one is for sure the stand out track for me.

Our closing number, Punisher, is a love letter to everyone’s favorite vigilante. This song is a lot of fun, with a midsection that shoots what could have been a novelty into the stratosphere with a breakneck pace that is just as powerful as the song which preceded it. A fittingly brutal end to a brutal EP.

Overall I would absolutely call this one a winner. Our Hate wears its influences on its sleeve without ever seeming derivative. With uplifting energy shining through a furious attack, Our Hate has crafted something really special here. Sonically crushing and emotionally robust at the same time, Defiled by Evil is truly a record for all seasons.

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