Review: Outre ”Hollow Earth” [Debemur Morti Productions]

Review: Outre ”Hollow Earth” [Debemur Morti Productions]

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2015 saw the Outre debut, Ghost Chants released unto us and it’s no wonder they were instantly appreciated, with such awesome craftsmanship (take a look at this video Ghost Chants 6).  In 2017 Outre teamed up with label mates Barshasketh for a conceptual split Sein / Zeit which is based on works of Martin Heidegger, a German philosopher widely acknowledged to be one of the most original and important philosophers of the 20th century.  October 26th 2018 sees Outre release their third work and highly anticipated new album, Hollow Earth.

To whet our appetite Outre have recently showcased the first and last track of Hollow EarthOrder of Abhorrence and Hollow Earth, respectively via Bandcamp.  Almost like bookends to their nightmare.  Social media circles are buzzing with anticipation right now and damn well they should be, such is the weight of this release.

Starting as they do, with an introduction called Spheres Within, Outre have perhaps set a new standard in the Black Metal world.  This is no throw away starter.  Instead what we hear is the best beginning to an album, contextually speaking of course – within the last 2 years.  Measured and rivalled only by Deathspell Omega’s marvellous intro to The Synarcy of Molten BonesOutre’s Hollow Earth intro is the stirring of something wild.  An orchestral beast warming up together with lupinus choirs.  As it turns and writhes we have a serious taster and an audible explanation for what is to come…

The next 5 tracks are nothing short of highly sophisticated and polished Blackened Death Metal, leaning far more on the black side of things, mind you.  Yes, we have down tuned Death Metal but spun into the tapestry of Hollow Earth we are treated to hypnotic, ultra-angular Black Metal licks.  The type that jangle and pierce the dissonant madness…  The kind that may only consist of 3 or 4 notes but are so perfectly placed and timed that they make up the being of each track.  Visualize and imagine, if you will, peering into a black kaleidoscope.  As it twists and pulls you in, powered by the Death Metal guitars, shards of bright light spike and break at angles with the Black Metal style.  Like a shattering whirling darkness, Hollow Earth has been realized and painfully squirms towards you helped by the synth passages, it is all consuming, blistering suffocation.

Mateusz Zborowski does a truly outstanding job in the vocal department with variation that few others can muster.  From gurgle to roar and all between with sickening and depressive authority.  Krzysztof Sojda and Damian Igielski have taken their passions to the next level with ridiculously good guitar riffs that stand out even within the scene as a whole.  Bass guitar is handled by Marcin Radecki who masterfully blends the low section of this ode to oblivion and Maciej Pelczar simply owns the percussion with his technical accomplishments.  What a team, these bandmates gel so very well together and are capable of so much that they’ve made the atmosphere of Hollow Earth so intense, it’s a pretty shocking experience.

I can’t recommend Hollow Earth enough – listen to the tracks via Bandcamp and then go spend your money.  You cannot go wrong.


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