Review: Phrenelith “Chimaera” [Nuclear Winter]

Review: Phrenelith “Chimaera” [Nuclear Winter]

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Oh Man, what do we have here? It’s about time, let’s get to this Beast.

Ominous tones are set immediately with the intro to this album from Copenhagen Denmark. The down tuned Death Metal band Phrenelith returns with a massively awesome release.

The Death Metal groove is all over the place and the kick drums sound excellent with this guitar tone. Deep vocals fit so perfectly with the sinister feel they have captured utilizing the now famous Necrophobic sounds and notes. If you enjoy early Necrophobic and wish a band would take influence and find a way of making this their own but in a super heavy way then look no further.

Of course this is not the only thing I have noticed as the band has found a way to make it fit without seeming like it was intentional. I also want to make a point to mention again how cool the clean parts are with the used effects giving this a great haunting feel and keeping the mood going that was set during the album intro. I definitely cannot find anything wrong with this. Studio production or artwork, nothing, it is overall an outstanding representation of in my opinion what a great Old School DM band is. There are many styles nowadays but for sure this will leave most happily in the jaws of an ancient beast gnawing and ripping the flesh from bone as the thundering sounds rapes the listeners ears in utter enjoyment. Believe me when I say I will be keeping this in regular rotation for a while. At the moment it is closely becoming one of my more favorite choices and go to albums. Great Job!

Release date: December 10th, 2021

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