Review: PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT “The Vision” (by Droll)

Review: PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT “The Vision” (by Droll)

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Penisola italiana, homeland of DaVinci and Petrarca, Enzo Ferrari and Christina Scabbia, lately encouraged by divercity of it’s heavy scene. One of it’s worthy representatives is “musical oldtimers” Psychedelic Witchcraft.

Firenze fourth continue their hard-rock-occult mission with their second album The Vision which will be released on April 29, 2016 AD.

Musically, The Vision is a great example of hard-rock, blues and 70s’ doom. It’s all simple, recognizable and expected. By the way “simple” doesn’t mean “bad”. Sometimes it’s harder to create some good, simple riff rather than some shred solo. Sometimes the album is calm (perfect “Magic Hour Blues”, “The Only One That Knows”), sometimes groovy (“Demon Liar”, “Witches Arise”), but with every song it takes the listener to 70’s – kingdom of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and groovy riffs.

The album is simple, as I said earlier. Rhythm-section (Riccardo Giuffrè – bass, Daniela Parella – drums) without frills and fulfill its mission – make rhythm. Of course, it was possible do diversify it (as the other “oldtimers”, Honeymoon Disease made it), but what is present is quite enough. Jacopo Fallai’s guitars are also in style: the sound, riffs, solos – as it should be. And Virginia Monti’s vocals are casting a spell sometimes. It’s not academic up and down running on octaves, and not near-porn-pop-sighs that mistakenly called “songs”. Only smooth vocal line and spellbinding timbre.

The only fault that can be found are lyrics. In everyone of them there are witches, demons, graveyards and the other occultism. It’s interesting, unusual (oh really?),but it’s hard to believe them. Same Ghost B.C. are believable. But this band can sing about dances and love, it will not change anything. Nevertheless, it’s only my own opinion.

So, resuming: it’s great in its simplicity retro-rock album. Without unnecessary nostalgia, but in style, with qualitative record and great performance. And it’s more than worthy attention. Yet, unlikely Tomas Torquemada would burn Psychedelic Witchcraft for the lyrics. Rather, he would scold as children that played too much. But this fact isn’t make The Vision worse.

The Vision is out on April, 29 by SoulSeller Records


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