Review: RabbitPunch “First Round Knockout”

Review: RabbitPunch “First Round Knockout”

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RabbitPunch “First Round Knockout”

Well, my very first connotation with St. Louis is St. Louis Blues. But don’t worry, I’ll don’t write about ice hockey here. Anyhow, this NHL’s club has its name coz of specific reasons. The city (as on US conditions very old one, by the way) had always been home for several artists representing all kind of music. Some of those artists are known not only for fans of Rock’n’Roll or Jazz – at least by their names.

Anyways, I think RABBITPUNCH isn’t influenced by Miles Davis. Actually I’m sure of that. With Chuck Berry I guess it’s not as easy as pie. Firstly because Rock’n’Roll was (and it doesn’t matter if you like this thought or not) ancestor of the most of nowadays music styles – including Metal. And secondly I just hear this quite clearly. Guys call their creativity Hard Rock/Punk Rock, but I have serious doubts and just can’t deal especially about this second element. Musically maybe you can find some far echoes, but Punk Rock was always more than about music. One of their main inspirations is a band from California who played, I quote, “Pop Punk” (whatever for fuck’s sake it means).

Riffs are quite hard, but I can’t find power in them, unfortunately. Well, maybe there’s some shadow of that from time to time, actually. There’s a lot of melody in them, some technical displays and so on. Drumming is also on well level. There’re of course passages, but in general it’s not so variable and you’ll hear cymbals very hardly and rarely. Anyhow, what makes this music even pop in my opinion is vocal. This is very melodic and you’ll find even less power in that than in guitar’s track.

I think this is probably easy-going music, for me this is even too easygoing. This is well played and so on, but not my cup of beer, absolutely. Well, maybe there’re some individuals between readers who like such stuff.

I just reminded something: on their “blue f” there’s written that RABBITPUNCH is a “supergroup”. And this is even not that I don’t connote any name of other bands where guys play. But in confrontation with word “Punk” they use to describe their creativity it sounds at least ridiculously. Besides, it seems that they really think like that about themselves because there isn’t any biography, or even more, e-mail.

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