Review: RAZGATE “Feral Evolution”

Review: RAZGATE “Feral Evolution”

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RAZGATE “Feral Evolution”
Sliptrick records

If you visit the bands Facebook page, the top picture shows the band looking happy, goofing around, which is a complete contrast to the filthy “Tom Araya with his balls on fire” Thrash that emits from the speakers on opening number, Psychopathic Control.

And Slayer is a huge influence on this album, and not just with Giacomo Burgassi’s vocals. Night Painted Red reminds me of the menace of slower numbers such as Seasons In The Abyss and Spill The Blood. But it’s not all about Slayer. There’s plenty of groove going on and there’s a number of small flourishes which give this it’s own identity, including some Power Metal inspired lead guitar… well, that’s how it sounds to me.

It’s the same deal with Razgate as it was yesterday with my review of Austrian Thrashers Silius. Razgate don’t really add anything new to the Thrash genre, but what they do, they do very well indeed. And there’s a stack of Groove Metal woven into their brand of Thrash.

Maybe this is how the new brigade of bands coming through will operate. They pay homage to their influences, and at the same time, they add their own stamp on their sound.

And the ultimate winner will be the listener as they get to relive their youth (if they’re old, like me) as well as a fresh burst of energy, which will keep us oldies feeling young (at heart).

Impressive stuff…

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