Review: Resurrect the Machine “Uncover the Truth”

Review: Resurrect the Machine “Uncover the Truth”

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Resurrect the Machine “Uncover the Truth”
Minotauro records

Chatsworth is a neighborhood of Los Angeles, the less populous one where live not more than 45.000 of people. Between them are of course lovers of Rock, Hard Rock and Metal. Five of them decided couple of years ago to create a band. Then in 2014 their work gave effect in the form of just reviewing album. You’ll ask why the fuck I want to talk about so old release. Well, there can be at least two answers on it. First one is that I received this stuff to write review and not just like that. And the second answer is that since the band is active there’s hope that they’ll attack us with their new full-length quite soon and sending this one to zines and so on is a part of promotion, giving news that such band exist. Alternatively they’d like to release it in physical form finally.

Anyhow, “Uncover the Truth” contains nine song which take a little more than thirty four minutes. Guys describe their music as Metal, Hard Rock and write on their blue ‘f’ that they are on a mission to revitalize “Rock” music with a thunderous rhythm section comprised of Joey Cotero on drums and Kurt Barabas on bass, combined with the blistering melodic guitar work of Andre Makina and the powerful vocals of Dean Ortega. They mention also that this combination creates unique cocktail. Well, with this I’d controvert. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t like what I hear at the moment!

Riffs are as guys said melodic, but in the same time they have huge element of energy. Well, I’d even say without any doubts that they’re predatory and surely played ballsy – as it should be done even in Rock. Andre plays variable as well, but here’s no place for solos and other technical tricks. The same is about drums and bass. Joey makes some passages and does it even often, but everything’s rather energetic – in such music power is the most important and not some displays, or what? He use cymbals often, too. Dean sings, I’ll just repeat what guys say, powerfully. His timbre reminds me someone, but this connotation is quite subtle. Anyway, he has good Rock voice in which you can hear this characteristic claw.

Well, that’s good album full of energy, power and everything what’s needed in music like that. This is playing for fans of classic one. Between artist which they like guys list both Metal and Rock bands and that’s what they play – mix of Rock and Metal. I like it!


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