Review: Salceson X “Qui Penis Aquam Turbat”

Review: Salceson X “Qui Penis Aquam Turbat”

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The Polish death metal duo Salceson X has returned from oblivion, offering a brand new full-length album with a mocking Latin title Qui Penis Aquam Turbat, releasing it independently on May Day. They went on hiatus from 2015 and have returned during the past year, and it seems like they are full of energy, black humour and merry vigour, infecting the audience with 30 minutes of dynamic vibrancy and punk attitude.

Salceson is a type of local meat dish popular in Central Europe; these types of names are quite respectable among grindcore bands. Salceson X belongs to death’n’roll camp with strong roots into hardcore/grindcore/death metal direction. Hence, this sort of genre doesn’t mind to worship meat industry and to praise the culinary arts in a creepy and cannibalistic way. Maybe this is not the case with Salceson X; furthermore they prefer to sing in their mother tongue. And due to Polish language’s expressive brusqueness, Qui Penis Aquam Turbat is tinged by unintentional spiciness and insolent harshness. And surrounded by noisy rustiness, all the aggression is bizarrely muted, proving that violence doesn’t have to be deadly destructive.

We can sense something very old school; this spirit of death/thrash metal from the 1980s is very strong during this album, including the cheesy sound. This is in no way a modern record, and that also means that the level of candidness is clearly above average. This *I don’t care* attitude is a big, fat YES for those bands that put emotionality above technicality. And that’s when you really can hear all the fun and thrill, Salceson X enjoy playing their music in a most honest way. Noisy, wild and clamorous, Qui Penis Aquam Turbat sprouts through the stones and thorns, never even noticing trampled flowers or shattered gemstones.

The speediest tracks pave the way for the hellish fury of grindcore and rebellious nature of punk/hardcore (“13” or “Panaceum”). “13” is also covered with solid webs of death’n’roll, emphasizing unruly nonchalance and facetious side. Anyway, fun is fun, but still there are some darker spots during this album, for instance some psychedelic elements that would easily embellish stoner metal (“Womity” or dreamy and gloomy ambient reprieve “***”). There are also some pace games, when straightforward and vulgar thrash rapidity opposes almost static slowdowns with anxious gravity. “Bezmiar czerni” returns us once again back to the glowing times of heavy metal, surprising with some falsetto technique. And to avoid getting lost amid the brutal wall of sound and vulgar atrocities, it’s our duty to evoke the melodic side that occasionally intrudes into the chaotic and noisy pattern of death metal’s severity.

The weird artwork pointedly refers to a funny side, displaying the diversified range of monstrosities that we can relate to our own life in a fugly and hyperbolic manner. Life is just a game, echoes the soundtrack of the last album of Polish butchers Salceson X. Therefore, it’s better to relax and enjoy it, forgetting about all the shit we’re encircled by.

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