Review: Saratan “Dark Orient”

Review: Saratan “Dark Orient”

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Saratan “Dark Orient” EP
 November 26th, 2017

Saratan (arab. Cancer) was formed in 2003, in Cracow, Poland. Demo “Infected With Life” was released in 2006. It received good marks in metal magazines all over the world and two years later they released first album “The Cult Of Vermin” (My Kingdom Music, IT). “The Cult Of Vermin” was very good thrash metal infuenced, debut album. Second album “Antireligion” was released in 2010 (My Kingdom Music, IT). The course had been changed. The base was still thrash metal but this time influenced by death metal and Oriental music. At the album Saratan had three guest musicians: Vogg (Decapitated), Jackek Hiro (Sceptic and Virgin Snatch) and Daniel Kesler (Redemptor). 2012 brought “Martya Xwar” (Massacre Records). In 2013 band participated “At the Gate of Sethu Tour” with Nile, Ex Deo, Lost Soul, Svart Crown, Pestifier, Sincarnate. Next album, “Asha”, was released in 2015 (Fonografika, Poland). Małgorzata “Maggie” Gwóźdź joins the band. In 2016 Saratan supported Marduk during the tour Frontschwein: 2016 Europa Part 4.

Over the years, Saratan had been changed a lot. Some might say to the better, some to the worse.

Sixth full-lenght album ”Dark Orient”, an independant release, is definitely to love or to hate album.

For all those who know Saratan as extreme band, this album might be a shock and diasppointment. I admit than not every metalhead would be thrilled with

Oriental sound and slow tepo, but however you might think this album is not your cup of tea, give it a chance. I am sure you will find perfect measure of dark, msytical, hypnotic notes. Although accent is on the Middle East, Saratan never forgot their roots. Legendary Eric Rutan gives them support in ”al-Hamada al-Hamra”. For me, the greatest surprise was to recognise ”Ederlezi”, I will be free to write, hymn of Serbian Roma population. In this song particularly you can hear how Maggie´s singing style progressed.

My personal favorite is Metallica´s cover ”Wherever I May Roam” where Jarek and Maggie are skilfully mixing their vocal capabilities.

The title track ”Dark Orient” is divided into five segments: “The Shifting Dune” (tar solo), ”Omens of the Sandstorm”, “The “The Vastness of Sahra”, “The Desert Winds”, “Nothingness” (santur solo) and “The Vastness of Sahra, Pt. 2 “.

If you are open minded, than listening oriental acoustic instruments like saz, tar, kamancheh, santur, setar or darbuka might be true revelation.

Album is recorded at Studio Centrum, mixed and mastered by Jacek Gruszka. Promotional photography by Marek Mosiński. Guest appearances: Safa Heragi, Charuk Revan, Merve Bicer.

Saratan delivered us something new, different, original. Respect!

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