Review: Scumpulse “Rotten”

Review: Scumpulse “Rotten”

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Scumpulse “Rotten” (Gore House Productions)

Scotland’s Scumpulse have been on my radar for quite a while, since their “Broken Reflection” single in 2015. I think I have one of their shirts in my collection as well.

Why it’s taken so long for this album to get released (it’s been ready for release for a whole year), I have no idea… but thankfully, it has been worth the wait.

Scumpulse aren’t a band you can fit into a neat little category. The core of their sound is Punk encrusted Black Metal… but you could probably add another dozen sub-genres to their sound as well. And you can take your pick from Death, Thrash, Grind etc… if it’s brutal and uncompromising, it fits.

There are no subtleties on offer here. Opening number, “Alba Gu Bràth”, goes for the jugular from the off… and I mean from the off. No intros, no softening the blow, you get battered from the very first second, and the album just doesn’t let up from there.

And that’s not to say this is a noisy beast. Despite its ferocious nature, there is still plenty of melody to be found, deep amongst the carnage. And whatever shit they fire at you, it’s all held together by the battery of drummer, Andrew Rankine. And well done to whoever did the production, as everything else is as impressive as the drums.

I don’t always have time to play certain albums as many times as it’s like before I review them… but this one has snuck in to get some very heavy rotation, mainly as it so addictive.

I’m sure it’s been a very frustrating time for the band waiting to get this album out… but I really hope it brings them the rewards it deserves, and the next one won’t be so long in arriving…

And Gore House Productions… well done for picking up this album…

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