Review: SEPTA “Sounds Like Murder”

Review: SEPTA “Sounds Like Murder”

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septaartSEPTA “Sounds Like Murder”

This is a long waited album, released in a last day of November. An album that got to the various «alternative» tops even before release. And now it’s hitting the tops. After waiting for a right moment, Septa shoot with killing and merciless longplay Sounds Like Murder which was released on November, 30.

How many musical lives and reincarnations can the band «live» in one release? This time the guys from Odessa, Ukraine, got 13.

13 absolutely nontrivial and sometimes entirely unpredictable tracks with one common conception, recognizable vocals and great sound integrity. A journey by labyrinths of genres, 53 minutes long quest for musical perception. Sounds Like Murder will murderously surprise, blow your mind or drown you in the intricacies of creative flight and fantasy. Well, it’s kinda hard to pass the new Septa‘s release.

Five songs were released previously in this year. They let listeners to estimate a rough of the overall sound vectors. Among them there is the first track “11th: Omen” with very catchy minimal 360-video.

Yet, all the diamonds Septa leaved for this release. Although, in general Sounds Like Murder is in mathcore-progressive-post specter, there are some peculiar tracks that deserve a few words separately. Almost six minutes long opus “Sky Moves Faster”, unexpectedly light and «hit». Some kind of meditative post-rock mainstream, that goes back to metalcore in the end. One more creature is wonderful “When There Is No Time”, first half of which is borders with indie space and opens some new, melodic and philosophic edge of an album. The next “Means, Motive, and Opportunity” is taking the sound to some industrial and adds elements of synth/EBM to an album.

So, Septa. Sounds Like Murder. The album is available here.

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